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September Morning...

September 3, 2019

Just off a 2 day  weekend and wanting to post another vacation photo from Cape Cod.  ( had to work Sat. )  This pan photo was taken with my iPhone, Amazing the quality that is produced by these little monsters. I will be making a large print of this photo and the quality  will be amazing.

I would like to say I am very pleased with this digital era we are going through.  The smartphone camers are better and better with every new release. As a professional photographer for many decades, I have see some big changes. I remember my first mobile phone, it was what they called a bag phone. ( still have it )    I loved it, you carried it over your shoulder like a camera bag. Went to the photo show in NYC and did not see another mobil phone there of any kind. It worked great, had good coverage. But as time went by I had to down size to a hand held and then a flip phone then my Black Berry and now on my, I think, 3rd. iPhone.  I do say that everyone is a photographer now, I think its great that people are taking  interest in creating memories of their life and saving them for next generations to appreciate. We have found here at Village Studio the best way to appreciate and preserve your memories is to design a book to tell your story. Books never will go totally out of style, and you can enjoy them every day. We design and print quality,  lay flat books with many covers and page papers that are reasonably priced. One last thing, Back-up, Back-up, Back-up and from your photographer friend, Keep Smiling….till later...Mr. Bob

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