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Had a Great Time...

November 9, 2019

As I sit here on my back deck enjoying a cold beverage looking at the open field adjacent to our home I am thinking back to the fun we had this fall photographing all those beautiful children. Underclass school photography is very rewarding and keeps you young.  We have been photographing underclass children for three and a half decades and have enjoyed every one. To capture that personality,  look into their eyes, and of course if your nose squeaks, that gets the look that captures the moment.  All the years we have been photographing underclass schools in and around our immediate area, ninety nine percent of familys have loved our results. But let me tell you about my little number game I use when taking class photos. I always say I am going to take 3 photos and hold up 4 fingers, and you know what, those children are quick to tell me I am holding up 4 fingers, what a great reaction, of course I say it's 3 fingers, it is a simple way to get their attention for that perfect shot. Fun and games, and lets not forget my famous yellow duck, and what is his name?  It’s Mr kissie (is that a word?) he always ends up kissing Mr Bob. A lot of stories but guess what, time for another cold beverage. That’s enough for this time, one more thing, keep smiling, Mr. Bob...


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