We will post  as necessary to provide studio  updates....

November 24, 2019 7:58 AM BLOG...To post a comment, click on title.
  • Sharing a photo I took after Bob and I finished a outdoor family photo session yesterday. With Thanksgiving and the Holidays quickly approaching  it reminded me to take a moment and reflect on the many things to be thankful for in our lives.  Our family session was a lot of fun and we hope the memories we captured will always remain close to their hearts. Sometimes we all get wrapped up with the hustle bustle of  our crazy lives and forget what’s most important our family and friends. So this Holiday take a moment to look back on what you are grateful for. 
  • Wishing you  and your family a Happy Thanksgiving,  Noreen and Bob...

November 9, 2019 12:32 PM BLOG...To post a comment, click on title.

As I sit here on my back deck enjoying a cold beverage looking at the open field adjacent to our home I am thinking back to the fun we had this fall photographing all those beautiful children. Underclass school photography is very rewarding and keeps you young.  We have been photographing underclass children for three and a half decades and have enjoyed every one. To capture that personality,  look into their eyes, and of course if your nose squeaks, that gets the look that captures the moment.  All the years we have been photographing underclass schools in and around our immediate area, ninety nine percent of familys have loved our results. But let me tell you about my little number game I use when taking class photos. I always say I am going to take 3 photos and hold up 4 fingers, and you know what, those children are quick to tell me I am holding up 4 fingers, what a great reaction, of course I say it's 3 fingers, it is a simple way to get their attention for that perfect shot. Fun and games, and lets not forget my famous yellow duck, and what is his name?  It’s Mr kissie (is that a word?) he always ends up kissing Mr Bob. A lot of stories but guess what, time for another cold beverage. That’s enough for this time, one more thing, keep smiling, Mr. Bob...

September 3, 2019 11:05 AM BLOG...To post a comment, click on title.

Just off a 2 day  weekend and wanting to post another vacation photo from Cape Cod.  ( had to work Sat. )  This pan photo was taken with my iPhone, Amazing the quality that is produced by these little monsters. I will be making a large print of this photo and the quality  will be amazing.

I would like to say I am very pleased with this digital era we are going through.  The smartphone camers are better and better with every new release. As a professional photographer for many decades, I have see some big changes. I remember my first mobile phone, it was what they called a bag phone. ( still have it )    I loved it, you carried it over your shoulder like a camera bag. Went to the photo show in NYC and did not see another mobil phone there of any kind. It worked great, had good coverage. But as time went by I had to down size to a hand held and then a flip phone then my Black Berry and now on my, I think, 3rd. iPhone.  I do say that everyone is a photographer now, I think its great that people are taking  interest in creating memories of their life and saving them for next generations to appreciate. We have found here at Village Studio the best way to appreciate and preserve your memories is to design a book to tell your story. Books never will go totally out of style, and you can enjoy them every day. We design and print quality,  lay flat books with many covers and page papers that are reasonably priced. One last thing, Back-up, Back-up, Back-up and from your photographer friend, Keep Smiling….till later...Mr. Bob


That's right...vacation is over. awhh... Noreen and I had a great time again this year in Chatham Massachusetts.  We rebuilt our energy and sharpen our creative skills. We are ready for the fall fun. Cape Cod weather was, as always good to us, we arrived just after a very unexpected and rare tornado touched down in the area where we stay in Chatham. Crews did a great job getting things up and running. We both took many photos that we will be sharing with you in the future. But for now we excited about providing our one of a kind photo services to the North Hunterdon Jr. Lions football, Woodglen and Valley View schools and others this fall. If you are not 100% pleased with your photos or school photographer, Mr. Bob has the experience and skills to provide the quality and service you would expect from an established studio. Im sure we have a fundraising program that will fit your needs. That' all I can come up with at this time, till next post, Mr. Bob....


Yesterday as I was sitting on my daughters back porch with my grandkids and others around, I don't know why, but I was thinking it's time for high school senior portraits. Think about it, the class of 2020 is here. All seniors should experience the Mr. Bob event. Senior portraits your way, not their way. This is a big year, more than graduation and get out. These years will be remembered for ever, think about it.  Mr. Bob has the personally and expertise to have a fun time creating your  lifetime memories. Check in with me... Mr. Bob...  Oh, one more thing...it was a great time on my daughters back porch....


Well I am still going on this blog stuff...but we are getting into our school photography shoots next month, yes school is starting soon. We will be at Woodglen on Tuesday September 10 and Valley View on the 11. 12 and 13th.  Also Hunterdon Preparatory school  September 24th. More to come there. If any one has questions about school photography or would like us to give you a quote on your school, please call me or drop me an email    https://villagestudio.us/contact    Mr. Bob and crew have been providing our quality school photography in this area for many decades. Were the other school photographer. Well that it for today...Mr. Bob 


I am still setting this blog up and checking out the features. Thanks for being patient.  Mr. Bob


Hi everyone, this is the start of our new Blog. We had to update things here along with our new  sales and ordering software. The learning curve is never over, that is a good thing.  As time goes by we hope to post things here that will give you some insight as to what we are all about here at Village Studio and keep you posted as to our coming events. For now this is a test to see how this blog will be presented on our web site. I just checked it out, going good.   Mr. Bob

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